Wednesday, April 24, 2013


If I had my own newspaper this photo would be on the front page.....

Headline would read: 


Text would be as follows and be written in the style of a DEAR JOHN letter to my "sis"

Dear Blu,
          I know its rough when you're a mind midget so I'll help you by removing the grate BUT you have to do yourself and the world a huge favor and JUMP IN once its removed. Really its nothing personal - I'm only thinking of YOU. I know, I know - you are amazed at my selflessness.....I amaze myself sometimes BUT thats not the end to my giving. No sir, once you have jumped in I will also selflessly put the grate back on the vent so our human parents won't get mad at you. Wait I have to go now - its the Pope calling me to anoint me into Sainthood.

Happy Trails

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Snaggle Toothed Creature


She's my "sister"....human daddy brought her into the house while human mommy was in the hospital. I blame her for getting sick; daddy rides the short bus. 
...Reasons Blu Needs To Die.....
1. She breaths
2. She tries to eat my food
3. She's trying to get mommy to love her more - good luck Blu
4. She won't STOP meowing....GET HER FIXED HUMANS!
5. She has poor breeding (read: gutter rat), I'm a Bengal (read: expensive - like my tastes)     
6. Just look at her picture ......