Wednesday, April 24, 2013


If I had my own newspaper this photo would be on the front page.....

Headline would read: 


Text would be as follows and be written in the style of a DEAR JOHN letter to my "sis"

Dear Blu,
          I know its rough when you're a mind midget so I'll help you by removing the grate BUT you have to do yourself and the world a huge favor and JUMP IN once its removed. Really its nothing personal - I'm only thinking of YOU. I know, I know - you are amazed at my selflessness.....I amaze myself sometimes BUT thats not the end to my giving. No sir, once you have jumped in I will also selflessly put the grate back on the vent so our human parents won't get mad at you. Wait I have to go now - its the Pope calling me to anoint me into Sainthood.

Happy Trails

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