Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Baby Brianna Summer

First off ... I ♥ my human mommy. She saved me from some crazy cat lady in Florida that named me Baby Brianna Summer (pauses to let name sink in with readers) Done?! Ok good. Now lets dissect everything that is wrong with that foulness.

Baby...at first glance nothing is wrong with that. Its cute I suppose, but how about once I'm grown....

Brianna.....I like this name but I have a problem with people naming their animals human names (no offense) get creative people! Even though mommy names her dogs after dead singers (Elvis & Selena) I forgive her.

Summer....ok now this is where I get confused. Why add summer to all that? Baby Brianna is bad enough but the addition of Summer makes me vom.....no offense (like I care)

Baby Brianna Summer = hot mess express. I never did come to that no matter how many times I'd be called that, but once I heard mommy call me Meowschwitz I knew I'd found my person!

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